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What We Do

Our Approach

Wovie partners with people and organizations to make the world a better place by developing creative strategies and content in support of bold ideas and initiatives.

We bring our perspective and skill as moving image artists to every project, leveraging theory and aesthetic principles in service of the organizations we partner with. We take a strategic approach to developing and distributing media content in what we think of as an ecosystem of idea exchange—the web, broadcast and cable television, movie theatres, social media platforms and face-to-face interactions.

With every initiative and project, we ask “what all is possible?” We go to work making a plan for achieving it. Then we manage the process every step of the way with commitment to collaboration, inclusion, innovation and positive change.

Email or call to find out what is possible with Wovie:  marilyn at wovie dot com
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What We Do

Wovie provides Strategic Consulting, Project Management and Media Arts Production Services for organizations and individuals who want to use the power of moving image storytelling to make the world a better place.

Strategic Consulting

Through facilitated creative sessions we catalyze your imagination, emotional intelligence and subject matter expertise to help you envision and articulate what you know in your heart is possible—with your project, your organization, or both. We listen carefully, we synthesize your ideas, and we transform them into strategic objectives and work plans infused with your unique dreams, passion and expertise.

  • We provide expertise and direction in generating transformative cinematic digital content.
  • We work with you to articulate digital media content and distribution needs and opportunities.
  • We advise about effective distribution of narrative media across multiple channels.
  • We help you leverage narrative media as part of an integrated communication strategy.
  • We explore opportunities to leverage existing media and narrative resources in more innovative ways.
  • We identify compelling narrative opportunities.
  • We help you identify and differentiate audiences and constituencies.
  • We plan for affordable and effective digital media and electronic distribution.
  • We procure and manage subcontracted production services.
Project Management

You are the content experts. We are expert storytellers. Together we create a vision of your project and a plan for how to achieve it. As leaders of your project team, we direct the Discovery Process, we create and manage the production plan, we assemble creative and technical resources, we define roles and responsibilities, assign tasks, manage the budget and schedule, we facilitate decision-making, and—throughout—model and promote clear and consistent communication, using project status reports and in-person briefings to communicate and coordinate across all levels of project sponsorship and management.

Our Discovery Process sets Wovie apart and sets projects up for success. It’s how we collect the nuts and bolts information that is part of any production, how we begin to learn your story, and just as importantly it is how we establish the sense of partnership and collaboration that elevates our work and enlivens the finished product with a real sense of shared passion. This Discovery Process is how we get to you know your organization and its ethos, it’s how we capture and prioritize your project’s objectives, identify your project’s creative possibilities and its stylistic and branding requirements, and how we define its scope. It is in the Discovery Process that we clarify project stakeholders and their roles and responsibilities, as well as identify the need for specialized technicians. It’s how we assess risks and ways to mitigate them. And it is in the Discovery Process that we determine project phases and the schedule, and it is the basis for a detailed budget.

In short, the Discovery Process yields a detailed Production Plan that includes formal processes for project assessment, concept development, production, iterative reviews, testing, quality assurance, change orders, formal acceptance, and launch. 

Media Arts Production Services

Wovie provides end-to-end video production for broadcast, Internet or theatrically distributed content. Narrative nonfiction, video essay or live-action narrative…serial, episodic or stand-alone…short-short or feature-length…educational, informational or contemplative…. We make ideas come to life using moving image storytelling.

  • We provide editorial insight and continuity from project to project and across distribution platforms,
  • We identify and collaboratively lead multi-party digital content creation initiatives and distribution opportunities,
  • We shape your message into narrative form.
  • We define a project-specific style, aesthetic and visual vocabulary that reflects your values and project goals.
  • We assemble and lead project teams that meet all aspects of production: producing, directing, script-writing, casting, animation, editing, mixing, voice-over, and whatever else crops up.
  • We are especially excited by and uniquely qualified to make your project accessible using captioning, transcription and descriptive audio.
  • We work with project partners during rough-cut and post-production screenings to incrementally build narratives that achieve desired outcomes.
  • We advise as needed on contracting, procurement, budgeting, and billing of digital media services.

Our Story

Incorporated in June of 2000, Wovie began as a way to produce and distribute independent film projects. Marilyn looked at the web and saw how new media technologies would be put to work by artists. Anne jumped on board with characteristic enthusiasm. Within six months of starting the company we had developed and produced two educational animated series for the nonprofit sector, were in preproduction on our first feature film project, and had incidentally become a premier user interface design and backend development team because, well, it was early days and you couldn’t just upload a video to YouTube.

By the end of that first year, the .com bubble burst.

Wovie weathered the crash with innovation, imagination, strategic agility and a commitment to doing work that matters. We stayed in touch with our values, doubled down on creativity, and kept adapting to the changing landscape of online technologies by learning and staying lean.

By 2010, Anne and Marilyn were veterans of the tech economy, accomplished digital media artists and had both been invited to join the faculty of undergraduate and graduate writing and interdisciplinary arts programs. During an extended foray into academia, they each found new passion for their work—Marilyn through the theory of nonfiction narrative, and Anne in feminist pedagogy.

In 2013, Marilyn left her faculty position to put theory back into practice, starting as a policy strategist for the State of Washington and going on to develop award-winning video procurement and production service for public agencies.

Anne resigned her faculty position in 2016 in order to bring her full attention to independent projects, including a series of site-specific multi-media installations concerned with issues of equity, as well as long-format writing and film projects.

Through it all, we have maintained Wovie. It has always been there. The home we knew we’d return to.

Since 2000, we have learned a lot about how to put creative vision and digital technology to work in service of bold ideas and the public good. We think of the companies, organizations and individuals who hire us as partners. We share with you the same approach we take with our own creative endeavors: values-based strategic planning, responsive project management, and a belief that inspiration and imagination are of practical benefit to any initiative.

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