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Who We Are

Marilyn Freeman 

• Producer, Writer, Director
• Project Manager
• Strategy Advisor

Co-founder Marilyn Freeman heads up Wovie productions as well as piloting the company’s course through the ever-changing cultural and technology landscape.

Freeman’s current passions and areas of research include the history and continued relevance of publicly-sponsored media art; the relationships between the personal and transpersonal in nonfiction media art; the video essay as a creative, contemplative, and critical form; and, golden-era film director, Dorothy Arzner. For more about Freeman’s work and career, visit marilynfreeman.com.

Anne de Marcken 

While  maintaining an  independent creative practice as a writer and installation artist, Wovie co-founder and co-owner Anne de Marcken plays a consulting role on projects of all sizes and participates in management and strategic decisions affecting the company.

She is presently heading up a new, top secret interdisciplinary distribution initiative.

For more about de Marcken, visit https://www.annedemarcken.com.

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