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What We Do

Our Approach

Wovie partners with people and organizations to make the world a better place by developing creative strategies and content in support of bold ideas and initiatives.

We bring our perspective and skill as moving image artists to every project, leveraging theory and aesthetic principles in service of the organizations we partner with. We take a strategic approach to developing and distributing media content in what we think of as an ecosystem of idea exchange—the web, broadcast and cable television, movie theaters, social media platforms and face-to-face interactions.

With every initiative and project, we ask “what all is possible?” We go to work making a plan for achieving it. Then we manage the process every step of the way with commitment to collaboration, inclusion, innovation and positive change.

Email or call to find out what is possible with Wovie:  marilyn at wovie dot com
(360) 259-5580

What We Do

Wovie provides Media Arts Production Services,  Strategic Consulting and Project Management for organizations and individuals who want to use the power of moving image storytelling to make the world a better place.

Media Arts Production Services
Strategic Consulting
Project Management

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