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Project Management

Project Management

You are the content experts. We are expert storytellers. Together we create a vision of your project and a plan for how to achieve it. As leaders of your project team, we direct the Discovery Process, we create and manage the production plan, we assemble creative and technical resources, we define roles and responsibilities, assign tasks, manage the budget and schedule, we facilitate decision-making, and—throughout—model and promote clear and consistent communication, using project status reports and in-person briefings to communicate and coordinate across all levels of project sponsorship and management.

Our Discovery Process sets Wovie apart and sets projects up for success. It’s how we collect the nuts and bolts information that is part of any production, how we begin to learn your story, and just as importantly it is how we establish the sense of partnership and collaboration that elevates our work and enlivens the finished product with a real sense of shared passion. This Discovery Process is how we get to you know your organization and its ethos, it’s how we capture and prioritize your project’s objectives, identify your project’s creative possibilities and its stylistic and branding requirements, and how we define its scope. It is in the Discovery Process that we clarify project stakeholders and their roles and responsibilities, as well as identify the need for specialized technicians. It’s how we assess risks and ways to mitigate them. And it is in the Discovery Process that we determine project phases and the schedule, and it is the basis for a detailed budget.

In short, the Discovery Process yields a detailed Production Plan that includes formal processes for project assessment, concept development, production, iterative reviews, testing, quality assurance, change orders, formal acceptance, and launch.